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What should I expect from our first interaction?

Expect an hour of chatting and diving deep into WHY you took this next step in your health journey. The most important outcome of our first interaction is that you feel heard. My hope is that you walk away knowing that we're aligned on your health goals and empowered in the knowledge that you're on the right track.

Can we work together if I'm on prescription medication?

Hell yes! Thank you for asking. I believe that patient-centered care involves a personalized combination of healthcare providers and interventions. There is a time and place for EVERYTHING. And believe it or not, I routinely have informed consent conversations about pharmaceutical options and prescribe or refill prescriptions.

How should I prepare for our first interaction?

I knew you would ask this, you high-achieving, prepared for anything badass. You will receive a thorough intake form prior to our first interaction. This is where you can share your prior health history, current concerns and all the good things you're already doing. Please be as detailed and thoughtful with your answers as possible (as if you weren't already going to do that).

What if I don't 'believe' in Naturopathic Medicine?

There is an easy and hard answer for this one. 


The easy answer is that Naturopathic medicine is not a belief system and practicing evidence-based medicine means that it will work whether you 'believe in it’ or not. 


The more complex answer is that many of the treatment options offered require you to have buy-in. We (unfortunately) don't have a magic pill/spell/potion (although adaptogens get pretty close) and the therapies take time and dedication to show results. Do they work? YES. Will they work if you're not committed to them? Probably not. You don't need to 'believe' in Naturopathic Medicine, but you do need to trust me and believe in yourself.

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