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A "Healthy" Holiday Season

Once again, the holidays are upon us, and I think we're all ready to enter a New Year, a new season of our lives.

The holidays can bring up feels far more complex than joy for many of us. Fear, guilt, sadness, frustration are some of the most common feeling descriptors I hear from patients. We are inundated with messgaing about 'staying on track' during this time of year, and are told the only way to stay healthy is to stay strict.

I have an alternative...

What if the holidays are meant to be ENJOYED?

What if I told you that when it comes to health, consistency is the greater marker of success. And that means that your favourite cookies, a turkey dinner and a glass (or four) of wine aren’t going to ‘de-rail’ anything. It’s the decisions you make the most over long periods of time that have the greatest impact on your health.

So, with that in mind - here are some quick tips so that you can continue to feel your best, while embracing the holiday spirit!

1. Plan ahead & Set Boundaries = your holiday events and obligations are already in your calendar, so now it’s time to plan around them. Find space in the crazy for YOU. Continue to prioritize your self-care, your stress-management, your sleep (when possible), book a favourite workout class, a ski day or a night in. Set boundaries around your time and commitments so that you can show up fully when you say YES.

2. Fuel your body = the holidays are a food-centric time of year which I know can be challenging or triggering (right there with you). Remember that food is more than just its nutritional or caloric value. It's celebratory, community building and carries tradition, especially at this time of the year. Make sure you continue to fuel yourself throughout the holidays (yes, even before a big turkey dinner), no anticipatory food restriction here. My best piece of advice? The potatoes, cookies, turkey & pie will all still be there tomorrow. Enjoy & eat until your full, but remember there is no scarcity. Anything you want more of, you can come back for later.

3. Drink mindfully = alcohol is also a staple this time of year and I love a good glass of red wine or holiday cocktail. Being mindful of how much your consuming is important. So here are some of my favourite tips and tricks for mindful alcohol enjoyment!

  • Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume.

  • Pour your own drink, most wine pours are larger than 5oz (or 1 serving)

  • Be mindful of cocktails, they often have at least 2oz of spirits (which is also 1 serving)

  • Enjoy your drink! Sip mindfully, enjoy the flavours and savour it

Most of all, ENJOY every little moment this holiday season. Be grateful, present and joyful.

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