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Cupping for PMS

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

What are those weird circular or heart shaped marks that we see popping up on celebrities (hello Katy Perry & The Rock)? It's something called cupping...

Cupping is a traditional Chinese Medicine technique that increases circulation and promotes detoxification. It does this through ‘reverse’ massage; rather than applying downward pressure the cups create suction resulting in negative pressure to pull the skin, tissues, adipose (fat), fascia and muscle upwards creating s p a c e between each of these layers. It helps to loosen tight muscles (especially those nasty trigger points or ‘knots’) and relieve pain by increasing blood flow to the area. It has numerous benefits and has been shown to relieve; shoulder/neck pain, low back pain (including sciatica), headaches and migraines, fatigue, constipation/digestive issues, PMS cramping and bloating.

What about the marks?!

First of all they are NOT bruises, there is no impact trauma during the cupping process and the darkened areas are not a result of broken blood vessels like a bruise. What IS happening is the stagnated fluids (blood and lymph) and toxins in the affected area are being drawn to the surface creating the marks which can last up to 3 weeks. While it looks scary its’s necessary to allow new blood to flow into the area increasing delivery of oxygen and nutrients and improved flushing of unwanted waste products/toxins.

While the marks can be intimidating the process is virtually painless and the relief is almost immediate. If you’re curious I encourage you to try it out - it’s one of my favourite modalities for MSK pain and headaches

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