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Predicting Ovulation - the RIGHT way

If you read my last blog - you know that Ovulation is this amazing indicator of your hormonal health and the PURPOSE of your cycle. So now that you understand how important ovulation is, let's figure out if and when you're ovulating.

The best way to predict ovulation is with LH strips or Ovulation Predictor Kits.

What are we testing for?

LH (Luteinizing hormone) surge is what allows the follicle to rupture and an egg to be released. This surge occurs about 24 hours before you ovulate. Once ovulated, the egg will only live for 24-48 hours. Your fertile window starts approximately 5 days before predicted ovulation, sperm may live up to 5 days in the female reproductive tract. Being sexually active within this window is ideal timing for trying to conceive.

How do we use LH strips/OPKs?

**each of these steps is incredibly important to produce accurate & reliable results

1) Start testing before ovulation, approximately 4 days before you expect ovulation to occur. Eg. If your cycle length is 28 days, predicted ovulation is on day 14, start testing on day 10

2) Don't test with first-morning urine, we need to give the LH time to move through your body/to be processed into your urine. Take the test in the middle of the day, anytime between 10 am-2 pm

Eg. Noon on your lunch break. If desired, test once more in the evening after dinner (although not necessary).

3) Urinate in a cup, and dip your LH strip into the cup vs. urinating right on the stick/strip

4) If using a line-based test, you are checking to see when your line becomes as dark as the control line or darker (indicates a positive surge)

5) Digital tests often give a peak reading or smiley face (indicates your positive surge)

6) When you get an LH surge, it means you will ovulate the next day. Plan intercourse for that day and the following day.

7) But, don't stop here! Keep testing until you get a negative result, we want to see this pattern: (-) (-) (+) (+) (+) (-) (-) as an example. We want to see negatives on each side of the positives

Bonus - Track your cervical mucous and compare it to your OPK kits. Putting this all together can help us understand your cycle better.

Notice this was all about PREDICTING ovulation, not confirming it - stay tuned for the 2 ways we can confirm ovulation.

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