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The Seasons of your Cycle - A TCM Perspective

Updated: Jan 26

**The ancient wisdom of our cyclical nature**

Your Inner Winter - The Menstrual Phase. When our period arrives, we enter our inner winter. In Chinese Medicine, this corresponds with the element of Water (which encompasses the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder), the colour black, and the Dark Moon phase (new moon). In TCM, menstruation is all about hibernating, turning inward and focusing on rest and self-care. Interestingly, in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the Kidneys actually govern the entire reproductive system another point directing us to the inherent wisdom and power of menstruation...

Your Inner Spring - The Follicular Phase. Once our period ends, we move from Winter into our Inner Spring. In Chinese Medicine, this corresponds with the element of Wood (encompassing the Liver and Gallbladder), the colour green, and the waxing (growing) moon. We're naturally wired to be more social during this phase. Think about how good you feel in spring after a long, cold winter — it's the same in the menstrual cycle, this tends to be a time of expansion and growth.

Your Inner Summer - The Ovulatory Phase. During ovulation, we enter our Inner Summer. In Chinese Medicine, this corresponds with the element of Fire (encompassing the Heart and Pericardium), the colour red, and the full moon. This is the purpose of your cycle, the MAIN EVENT. This is where Yin transforms into Yang and our energy is peaking.

Your Inner Autumn - The Luteal Phase. After ovulation, we enter our Inner Autumn. In Chinese Medicine, this corresponds with the element of Metal (encompassing the Lung and Large Intestine), the colour white, and the waning (declining) moon. In the luteal phase, we are more likely to tend towards risk-averse behaviours (think - the possibility of being pregnant). People tend to feel like nesting during this time, focusing on 'boring tasks; like admin, invoicing and organizing.

You are physiologically wired to be a cyclical being - when we start to understand what and why we need or desire different things through our cycle, we begin to honour our cycle. It's time to tune back in to this innate wisdom of your body.

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